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Child Growth & Development

2022 Book Club Reading List

Reading list for children, toddlers, and infants for 2022. Books will be added every month.

2023 Book Club for Children

Follow along each month with incredible books that teach important lessons to kids!

2023 Book Club for Directors

Follow along each month with incredible books on hot topics in our industry!

2023 Book Club for Teachers

Follow along each month with incredible books on hot topics in our industry!

5 Benefits of Outdoor Play for Toddlers

Outdoor play for toddlers is good for their development in numerous ways. As a child care provider, outdoor play can offer 5 key benefits to your students.

5 supportive strategies for children's mental health

What is children’s mental health and more specifically what is the significance between a child’s mental health and their development? These are questions you may be asked as a child care professional. You may feel uncomfortable not knowing the specific answers or strategies to support children and families in need of guidance and/or support. The truth is, often when looking at ways to assist children with health and wellness, physical health is typically the primary focus.

AAP has changed its guidelines regarding screen-time for young children

The American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP) recently issued new guidelines for screen-time for young children.

Addressing Biting Behavior in Early Childhood Education

To address biting in the classroom, start by understanding the intentions behind the behavior. 

Child Care Training Course That Promotes Healthy Physical Development in Infants and Toddlers

ProSolutions Training provides child care training course to satisfy requirements for your CDA certification, licensing standards, and ongoing renewal education.

Child Care Training Teaches the Importance of Giving Toddlers Encouragement

Here are three strategies for offering toddlers constructive praise. 

Courses to Help You Create an Inspiring Learning Environment

As a teacher, you want to inspire your students with a creative learning environment. ProSolutions Training offers CDA courses to help you create that space.

Early Childhood Training to Manage Classroom Bullying

As an early child care professional completing your early childhood training, you need to understand bullying and how to address it in your classroom.

Facing the most common problems within preschool classrooms

Behavioral problems are common among preschoolers.

Five strategies for reducing challenging behavior

Here are five strategies for making your classroom a calmer place.

Focus on Family This Holiday Season

Learn new ideas for focusing on family time over the holidays!

Fostering toddler learning and development

Children have an innate desire to explore and learn, but this needs to be encouraged by adults.

Fun activities to promote a toddler's social and emotional development

Here are three activities to promote healthy social and emotional development in toddlers.

Getting kindergartners and preschoolers ready this school year

Here are some tips about how to have a successful transition on your child's first day at preschool or kindergarten.

Great ways to play with your baby

Here are some great ways to play with your baby. 

Helping infants develop language skills

Though the infants you care for may not be talking yet, it's important to be intentional about helping them to gain the skills they will eventually need for verbal communication. 

Helping parents deal with separation anxiety

To help parents have an easy transition with their own separation anxiety, consider these two thoughts.

How Child Care Training Fits Into the Classroom

If you need to earn or renew your CDA credential, you may want to take some classes that overlap with childcare training. Read about some of our courses.

How Online Child Care Training Can Help Increase Autism Awareness

Here is a quick overview of some important pieces of information and helpful online child care training course ideas about autism spectrum disorder.

How to communicate effectively with preschoolers

Understanding preschoolers' language abilities and tendencies allows you to communicate more effectively. 

How to discourage tantrums in toddlers

If you work with young children, you've probably also had to deal with one of the not-so-fun components of this profession: toddler tantrums. 

How to distinguish typical preschool struggles from more concerning actions

During this time of rapid developmental change, it is common for children to struggle.

How to Run Family Conferences Like a Pro

Check out these 5 tips to have you running your family conferences like a pro

Preparing for CDA Renewal

You can take care of your CDA renewal easily and conveniently online with ProSolutions Training. Here's what you need to know to keep your credential active.

The Teacher’s Guide: 3 Steps to Support Childrens’ Mental Health

These ideas will help the children in your class!
How Your CDA Certification Helps You Teach Social and Emotional Development
One of the areas of focus when completing your CDA certification will involve the social and emotional development of young children. Explore some courses.
Learn How to Promote Social and Emotional Development in Infants through Online Child Care Provider Training
If you want to work with infants, online child care provider training can help you get the knowledge and credentials you need. Check out the courses at ProSolutions Training.
Major milestones in the development of infant fine motor skills
Here are activities you can use with infants to promote the development of fine motor skills.
Maslow's theory of human needs and child development
Maslow's theory of human needs includes five stages: biological and physiological, safety, love and belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization.
Myths or fact? Baby brain development
Here are three myths of baby brain development.
New study confirms the cognitive value of early childhood education
A new study highlights the significance of high-quality early childhood education on cognitive success.
Online child care training for separation anxiety
Here are a few ways child care workers can help children deal with their separation anxiety. 
Online Training for Early Childhood Educators to Help Families
To help you be an effective communicator, ProSolutions Training offers online training for early childhood educators on the topic of effective communication.
Playtime to promote healthy brain development
Here are some helpful suggestions on how to boost your baby's brain development through meaningful playtime. 
Preschool motor skill development areas to track
As children enter preschool, they're expanding their motor skill abilities.
Preschool: A time when children develop skills for the future
Preschool is the time when children are learning the "pre-skills," which lay a foundation for their future success in reading, writing, math and science.
Promote Cognitive Development and Earn Your CDA Certificate Online
Earning your CDA certificate online includes courses ranging from cognitive and physical development to professionalism in the early childhood field.
Promoting development for 5-year-olds
You can promote cognitive, social and physical development in your 5-year-old with these suggestions.
Strategies to help children clean up toys
Fostering organizational and responsibility skills among children is critical to teaching them clean up habits.
Strategies to support students suffering from separation anxiety
To help your students adjust and relieve their separation anxiety, use these three strategies.
Study shows greenery boosts cognitive development in children
Study shows correlation between exposure to greenery and boosted mental development in schoolchildren.
Study shows REM sleep for young children promotes memory retention
A recently published study shows that REM sleep for young children promotes memory retention in the developing brain. 
Tantrum control for the terrible twos
Here are a few tips to help you better handle when one of your children throws a tantrum. 
Teaching friendship to preschoolers
Here are ideas for teaching preschoolers about friendship. 
Teaching toddlers emotional coping skills to prevent biting
Emotional coping skills, including vocabulary to express frustration, offers one solution that can help prevent toddlers from biting. 
The benefits of music in the classroom
If you work in early childhood education, there are a number of benefits that music can offer the students in your classroom. 
The role of transitional objects in childhood development
Common in classrooms, security objects, which may include blankets and teddy bears, serve another important purpose as transitional objects.
The significant benefits of Pre-K education
We discuss some of the specific areas in which pre-K education can have a significant impact.
Three activities to help hone toddlers and preschoolers' fine motor skills
Teaching toddlers and preschoolers how to effectively and intuitively make fine, precise movements with their hands and grip instruments like pencils and crayons are key parts of their education.
Timeline for toddlers' development
It's important for early childhood educators to be aware of major milestones, and track these accomplishments. 
Top 3 reasons why STEM education is important for preschoolers
Many professionals argue that the earlier children can be introduced to STEM concepts, the more successful they will be in the subjects.
What is Purposeful Play?
Purposeful Play is a broad term for making playtime more effective for children. If you organize the right types of play, you can help a child develop. This play can range from physical activities to mental activities. Either way, the important thing is you make sure the activities have a purpose.