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Promoting development for 5-year-olds

Children who are 5 years old are going through a lot of changes, as this is typically the year when many begin going to school. At this age, many children are ready for the transition because they have developed a sense of independence that is necessary for tolerating extended periods of time away from home, according to Parenting and Child Health. The Child Development Institute suggests several ways parents can promote healthy cognitive, social and physical development in 5-year-olds. Here they are:

  • Developing social skills: Being around new children can be overwhelming for this age group, but it can also be an exciting adventure waiting to unfold. They will be coming into contact with new ideas and learning to act under school rules. Use this time to encourage them to interact with and befriend their peers, and let them feel free to ask any questions they have about what they are learning or dealing with.
  • Developing fine motor skills: They will be able to practice these skills while using scissors or pencils at school. At home, you can offer activities that will further hone these fine motor skills through playing board games or helping them master their buttons and zippers.
  • Developing cognitive skills: Your children will be learning new skills in math, reading and writing, which is why it is a great opportunity for you to practice with them at home. Reading along with them or helping them understand their homework are two ways to accomplish this.

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