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Child Care Training Course That Promotes Healthy Physical Development in Infants and Toddlers

It's essential for early childhood educators to introduce daily physical activity into their classrooms. Regular physical activity allows infants and toddlers to develop both their gross and fine motor skills. Our child care training course “Purposeful Play” promotes fitness, healthy bone growth and overall well-being.

Here are three activities that will get your infants and toddlers moving.

Sorting Toy

1. Set out sorting toys

Purposeful play is a key element in promoting any cognitive or physical development in children. recommends arranging sorting toys around the classroom that infants and toddlers can put smaller objects into. Examples include a shape sorter, where children have to place shapes into their right holes. Not only will they move their fingers and arms but they will also begin thinking critically as they try to determine which objects fits best. 

2. Exercise and stretch with them
While your younger students might not be able to do  exercises adults can do, you can modify certain yoga poses or stretches to meet their needs. For example, your toddlers could practice bending over to touch their shoes or standing on one foot. Then, you could get down on the floor with your infants and do baby yoga with them.

3. Make music
Set up pots, pans, buckets, and other "instruments" around your classroom and encourage your students to make music. While they bang the wooden spoons, they can experience the joy of sound and music, while still developing their fine and gross motor skills. 

Check out our Purposeful Play course to learn more ideas on how to get your students learning during playtime. At ProSolutions Training, we offer online child care training courses for interested early childhood education professionals. Healthy physical instructor lead activities are essential to toddler’s and children’s brain development! 

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