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ProSolutions Training has more than 150 individual courses available in numerous early childhood education and human services. We also offer most of our courses in Spanish. Coursework is skills based and encourages the student to reflect on his/her own individual teaching or professional style, transferring the knowledge attained in the coursework to one's daily work.

Each course includes a pre-test, post-test and a Resources section with links and downloadable materials so that students receive the maximum benefit from each course, enabling individuals to truly implement what they have learned.

ProSolutions Training continually develops new courses and revises existing content according to the latest research so that courses remain relevant to the field of practice. Curriculum development is directed by dedicated in-house ProSolutions Training professional staff with advanced degrees to ensure that students receive the maximum benefit from each course.
CDA (Early Childhood Education)
120 hr

Packages (Early Childhood Education)
120 hr

Brain Development (Human Services)
Child Abuse and Neglect (Human Services)
Child Development Theory (Human Services)
Child Growth and Development (Early Childhood Education)
Child Growth and Development (Human Services)
Child Safety (Human Services)
Classroom Management & Positive Guidance (Early Childhood Education)
Classroom Management & Positive Guidance (Human Services)
Cognitive Development (Early Childhood Education)
Cognitive Development (Human Services)
Communications and Relationships (Early Childhood Education)
Communications and Relationships (Human Services)
Curriculum (Early Childhood Education)
1 hr

Diversity (Early Childhood Education)
Diversity (Human Services)
Domestic Violence (Human Services)
Families and Relationships (Human Services)
Health and Safety (Early Childhood Education)
Health and Safety (Human Services)
Interviewing and Conducting Purposeful Visits (Human Services)
Language and Literacy (Early Childhood Education)
Language and Literacy (Human Services)
Leadership and Advocacy (Early Childhood Education)
Leadership and Advocacy (Human Services)
Learning Environments (Early Childhood Education)
Learning Environments (Human Services)
NASW CE Approved Courses (Human Services)
Nutrition and Food Service (Early Childhood Education)
Nutrition and Food Service (Human Services)
Observation and Assessment (Early Childhood Education)
1 hr

Observation and Assessment (Human Services)
1 hr

Physical Development (Human Services)
Professional Development (Early Childhood Education)
Professional Development (Human Services)
Program Management/Administration (Early Childhood Education)
1 hr

Program Management/Administration (Human Services)
1 hr

Psychotropic Medication (Human Services)
Social and Emotional Development (Early Childhood Education)
Social and Emotional Development (Human Services)
Special Needs (Early Childhood Education)
Transportation Safety (Early Childhood Education)
Working with Families (Early Childhood Education)
Working with Families (Human Services)
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