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The Child Development Associate (CDA) CredentialTM is the best first step toward career advancement in early childhood education (ECE). A CDA credential opens up numerous opportunities, but it can be difficult for a professional who is already working to find the time to take classes.

Learn about CDA Pathways available for Infant/Toddler teachers, Preschool teachers, Family Child Care, and Home Visitors. Online CDA Training makes it easy to advance your career. Need 3+ CDA Training packages? Click here to get more information about Bulk CDA Training purchases.

ProSolutions Training offers the most affordable and comprehensive online courses designed to help you meet the formal education requirements needed to earn and maintain your CDA credential.

Now, ProSolutions Training offers even more reasons to start your 120-hour CDA Training. Our partnership with Rasmussen University allows full-time, qualified students to earn their ECE Associate’s degree for less than $13,000. That’s a 35% savings! With the CDA credential course waiver, you can earn this degree in as few as 15 months. Rasmussen University is also offering eligible students up to a 20% grant for other programs. Learn more about eligibility and requirements here.

Earn Your CDA

The most economical and comprehensive courses to help you complete the formal education requirements needed to complete and maintain your CDA credential.

Renew Your CDA

To ensure that early childhood education professionals have current knowledge and skills, the Council requires that the CDA to be renewed every three years.