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School Age Back-to-School Bundle
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This training bundle covers the basics of establishing or enhancing your school-age program. You will learn about: structure and scheduling, behavior management, social-emotional support, inclusion, nutrition, and virtual learning assistance. Buy these six hours of training in one easy and convenient bundle. These courses will give you a good basic understanding of what you need in order to establish your school-age program.

Six hours of training are in this bundle:
  • Kids and Tweens: Managing School-Age Student Behavior (1-hour)

    Traditional behavior management focuses on adjusting the behavior of the child. Now, there are more evidence-based approaches to managing school-age children's behavior. These methods seek to focus more on the adult's role in managing behaviors.

This course highlights the relationship between school-age development and common challenging behaviors. Find ways educators can address these behaviors in positive and mindful ways.

  • Helping Hands: Social-Emotional Support for School-Age Children (1-hour)

Many changes occur in the social and emotional development of school-age children.

Find information about what this developmental domain includes. Learn how the milestones change from early adolescence to middle adolescence. Discover ways to support healthy social-emotional development in school-age children.

  • All Hands on Deck: Supporting School-Age E-Learning in a Child Care Setting (1-hour)

The e-learning environment is growing in popularity. While the e-learning format offers many options, learner support is still important. The most successful learners in any environment have knowledgeable adult support. A supporter who is positive, patient, and intentional.

Find information about e-learning. Learn how child care center staff and families can work together to provide the best outcomes for school-age learners.

  • Room for All: Inclusion in School-Age Programs (1-hour)

 Inclusion in education allows children of different abilities to learn and work together. This approach has many benefits. School-age programs should be intentional about how to approach the inclusion process.

  • Movement and Menus: Physical Activity and Nutrition for School-Age Children (1-hour)

Physical activity and nutrition are important for the healthy growth of school-age children. Changing expectations and funding for school programs has created challenges.

    Examine the physical and nutritional needs of school-age children. Find out how to support healthier activity and nutritional options for school-age children.

  • From the Ground Up: Structuring and Scheduling Your Aftercare Program (1-hour)

    Did you know around 10.2 million children go to after-school programs? Plus, another 19.4 million children would participate if a program was available to them. - Stats are from National Afterschool Alliance.

    There is a need for aftercare and after-school programs. These programs provide many benefits to children and families. Understand how to schedule the program in a way that meets the needs of the children it serves.

    This course covers the importance of schedules. Find out how scheduling relates to an aftercare program structure. Understand best practice elements of creating your own aftercare schedule.