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Tips for tweeting teachers

Getting on Twitter can be an engaging way for teachers to not only connect with other educators but to learn more about how to continually hone their skills and provide an even better classroom environment for their students. Yet navigating the ways of this particular social media platform or knowing exactly how to utilize it for your benefit can be challenging. Here are a few ways in which you can grow your professional network and leverage the power of Twitter to meet your needs.

  • Forming a community: Follow fellow local educators and big names in education alike. Furthermore, chats can be a great way to meet other educators that are interested in similar topics as you. They create pathways for building connections and expressing yourself in your field. The co-founder of Google Docs, Jonathan Rochelle even created a schedule of education chats that you can find here.
  • Microblogging platform: Consider using Twitter to promote your own work or initiate conversation about others'. Post links to the latest education trends or academic journal articles to get people talking and informed about these issues.
  • Boosting others: Though Twitter can be useful for you socially, academically and for networking, it is also helpful to return the favor to others. If you develop a great community, try to reach out to other new educators and include them in the conversation. Using the platform as a way to bring people together can instill a sense of unity among fellow educators to your shared passion for education. 

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