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Teach children good hand washing habits

Hand washing has always been important, but it's even more crucial this year given the widespread cases of Flu, reported by The Centers for Disease Control. It's important for teachers at early child care centers to prioritize hand washing in the classroom and teach children to follow a hand washing routine.

Children should wash their hands several times a day, especially after going to the bathroom and before and after meal time. Posting clear hand washing instructions and pictures in the bathroom gives children the opportunity to practice following the specific steps.

In addition to hand washing, teachers should take other steps to sanitize the classroom. This includes using a bleach solution to thoroughly clean all of the surfaces, tables and toys in your classroom. Surfaces where meals are served should be wiped down prior to lunch or snack. Classroom toys should be put in a bleach solution to soak at the end of the day.

Teaching and practicing good hand washing habits with children helps them learn the importance of maintaining healthy routines for the rest of their lives.

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