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ProSolutions Training earns CDA® Gold Standard Training Certificate

On July 28, ProSolutions Training was awarded the Council for Professional Recognition's new CDA® Gold Standard Training Certification at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. The honor recognizes the company's commitment to providing the best possible online educational experience for early childhood educators.  

"We are thrilled to accept this recognition for the quality of our online coursework, the support services we provide for students and our comprehensive learning management system," said ProSolutions Training President Carla Rogg.

As an early childhood educator, you want to ensure that you receive training you can trust. Enrolling in a program with the CDA Gold Standard Training Certification can give you that confidence. 

What is the CDA Gold Standard Training Certification?
For many, the Child Development Associate® (CDA) credential is the first step to a successful career in early childhood education. As the most widely recognized certification in the field, it helps equip instructors with the skills they need to succeed in the classroom. 

The certificate is based on six core goals:

  1. Maintaining a commitment to professionalism. 
  2. Advancing both intellectual and physical competencies.
  3. Ensuring a purposeful program that is well-run and committed to the needs of the participants. 
  4. Creating and maintaining a healthy, safe learning environment. 
  5. Providing positive guidance in support of emotional and social development.
  6. Establishing relationships with families that are both productive and positive.   

Meeting these competencies demonstrates that a teacher is able to provide the best possible learning experience to young students. 

"The CDA Gold Standard was created to encourage quality in the resources that train educators."

The objective of the Council for Professional Recognition is to encourage improved professional performance and recognition in early childhood education. Part of that goal is accomplished through the awarding of the CDA Gold Standard Training Certification, which was created to promote quality in the resources that train these educators.  

"We believe that our new CDA Gold Standard Training Certification adds value and integrity to the early childhood profession by verifying connections between the Council's proven teacher competencies and the quality of training resources available to CDA students," said Valora Washington, chief executive officer for the Council for Professional Recognition. 

The Gold Standard ensures the quality of education for children from birth to 5 years of age by confirming that the program:

  1. Aligns with the CDA's formal education coursework based on the primary subject areas.
  2. Provides quality student services that meet both their professional and educative needs.
  3. Contains sound business practices and policies.  

The importance of ECE training
There are millions of young children across the U.S. who depend on ECE educators to safely and positively set them on the path toward a lifetime of learning. But to be an effective teacher, you need to first learn effectively yourself. That's where the CDA certification comes in. 

By enrolling in online CDA courses, you'll receive training in important ECE core competencies, which prepare you for many of the real-life scenarios you'll be faced with in the classroom. The certification also demonstrates to potential employers that you are a qualified applicant who is ready to provide quality care and instruction to young students.

In the online program offered through ProSolutions Training, you can complete these courses at the time and place of your choosing on your own schedule. With the Gold Standard seal of approval, you can be sure that these courses will prepare you well for a career in ECE. 

"It's exciting to think about the many young children, families and communities that will benefit from the high-quality education and training students will receive from CDA Gold Standard Training Certification programs such as ProSolutions Training," Washington said.

To learn more about CDA and other ECE online courses, visit the ProSolutions Training course catalog to view our wide selection of options.