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Dealing with serious medical emergencies in your classroom

While you can take special precautions in your classroom to ensure that your students remain safe, at times, situations will arise that are outside of your control. From serious allergies to cuts to broken bones, there are a wide range of medical emergencies that could happen in your classroom. Consult with the school administrator about school and state safety protocols and keep these two tips in mind to prepare for emergency situations:

  • Be proactive: One situation where being proactive is easy is preparing for allergic reactions. If you know a student's specific allergy, make sure his or her food is always prepared separately so it's not contaminated by other ingredients. Or, you can encourage him or her to bring a lunch from home. Also, stress the importance in your classroom of not sharing food. Not only will this keep your students safe, but also teach them the value of respecting and protecting their peers.
  • React calmly: If a child breaks a bone or sustains a cut, do not panic. How you react in a situation will determine the mood for the rest of your students. If you panic, they will panic. To avoid chaos, remain calm and follow the predetermined classroom procedures.

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