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Bath time safety tips

Bath time is both rewarding and stressful for any parent of young children. Balancing the desire for them to have fun, while keeping them safe can be a challenge, so here are a few suggestions on keeping them protected and having a blast. 

  • Stay present: Though your children may be having fun splashing around in the tub, it is never advisable to leave them alone, even for a short amount of time. To eliminate the need to run and grab something, before bath time even begins, lay out everything you will need, such as towels, pajamas or toys. Though your children may be confident and independent, accidents can happen quickly and without warning, so always be nearby.
  • Clean up spills: Water is bound to spill out onto the floor at some point, even when you teach your children to keep it in the tub. So, whenever it does, be alert to clean up any drops or puddles to avoid possible slips and falls. This same rule applies to soap as well. 
  • Test the water: To avoid burns or scalding water, test the water with the top of your hand, where it is more sensitive to changes in temperatures. It is best to aim for a temperature around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, though not much lower than that to avoid your children getting chilled.  
  • Avoid scented soaps: Though bubbles may seem like a fun idea for young children, certain scented soaps and bubble baths can irritate their skin and even lead to urinary track infections. Try out different types of children's soap to see what brands work best.

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