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Five Qualities you Need to Excel in An CDA Early Childhood Education Program

Early childhood education teachers are a special type of professional. They need to be soft enough to put bandages on scrapes and wipe away tears, but strict enough to ensure that order and structure are maintained in the classroom. It's a calling that isn't for everyone, but those who do pursue this career path find it a profession that is both challenging and fulfilling.  

Not sure if a earning your CDA credential in early childhood is right for you? Or are you already teaching and looking to improve your skills? Give some thought to the following five qualities that mark an exceptional ECE professional:  

1. Patience
As the saying goes, patience is a virtue. That may be doubly so when working with small children. No one likes being questioned. But in the ECE classroom, you'll need to be patient with endless queries, from "Why is the sky blue?" to "Do I have to eat that snack?" If you want to work in a field where your every instruction is followed the first time around, early childhood education may not be the field for you. 

2. Flexibility
In early childhood education, you can't always expect things to go according to plan. While providing structure and routine is important, you can't prepare for everything. That's where flexibility comes in. Whether it means coming up with a backup activity when rain forces your class inside or having an extra snack when the first option falls on the ground, rolling with the punches will help you to excel as an educator.  


Becoming a better educator involves developing the qualities you need to succeed in the classroom.  Becoming a better educator involves developing the qualities you need to succeed in the classroom.

3. Sense of humor
When you work with young children, a good sense of humor is a must. Kids make messes, throw tantrums and question authority. You need to keep a positive attitude and find things to laugh at - even if you're covered with spilled milk and struggling to maintain your sanity.

4. Perseverance
Some children are easy to work with. They're polite, enjoy spending time with you and listen to instruction. But that won't always be the case. Sometimes you'll be assigned to students who seem like they're intentionally trying to make your life difficult - for an entire year. But as a teacher, you must persevere through these challenges. When you refuse to give up on your students, they'll slowly come to accept the classroom routine and likely become better learners in the process.  

5. Enthusiasm
Finally, to succeed as an ECE instructor, you need enthusiasm. As someone who spends hours with young children every week, you have the chance to inspire a love of learning in the next generation that can last a lifetime.

To learn more about advancing your career in early childhood education, consider enrolling in online training courses through ProSolutions Training.    

Earning your CDA in early childhood education is a rewarding challenge meant for people who have very special qualities to handle day to day challenges. ProSolutions Training prepares teachers to use these gifts to maintain a healthy, structured classroom. Our staff is available to provide technical assistance and answer questions about your online courses 8:30 AM-5:30 PM (EDT) Monday-Friday. You can reach us by phone at 800.939.9694, or by email at