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2022 Book Club Reading List

This year, we will be featuring a book that is relevant for each month. These books are perfect for early care and education classrooms, in-home child care, and anyone else who works with children. If you love reading as much as we do, you'll love the 2022 Book Club Reading List.

Note: As an Amazon Affiliate, some commissions may be earned through purchases from the links below.

June Book Club

With almost 50,000 positive reviews, this book is sure to become a summer favorite for your kiddos. There are so many ways to spend a sunny summer day.
Join The Very Hungry Caterpillar and explore everything the season has to offer! Young readers can learn all about seasonal sensory experiences, like listening to noisy bugs, feeling the warm sunshine, smelling the yummy scents of a cookout, and so much more!
Add this book to your summer reading list today. Purchase this book on Amazon -- 

May Book Club

Be prepared to respond to a wide range of potentially tough questions and sensitive concerns posed by young children.
To work with young children is to constantly expect the unexpected. Tough questions are part of early childhood educators’ regular interactions with children and families. Based on children’s actual questions,
Big Conversations with Little Children is readily accessible with guidelines for having difficult conversations with children, individually or as a classroom or group, and with families. The book provides guidance on how to approach specific topics related to:
  • family, such as unemployment, divorce, and incarceration
  • illness and death, such as loss of an unborn child, major illness in a child, and death of a pet
  • social issues, such as racism, family structures, and gender fluidity
  • upheaval and violence, such as natural disaster, terror events, and school shootings
Fully based in developmentally appropriate practice, Big Conversations with Little Children helps educators support young children in a way that preserves their dignity and innocence when they encounter world and social events in addition to honoring the family’s preferred approach.
An expert in the field of early childhood education, author Dr. Lauren Starnes empowers educators and families to answer sensitive or tough questions children pose, respond to their worries and concerns, and be prepared for an ongoing dialogue. Digital content includes family take-home information sheets for each topic. Buy this book from Amazon at this link -

April Book Club

April's Book Club is All About Weather: A First Weather Book for Kids by Huda Harajli MA. 
Take kids ages 3 to 5 on an exciting and educational weather adventure!
Welcome to the wonderful world of weather! From the warm, balmy days of summer to the cold, crisp nights of winter, kids will learn all about the four seasons, as well as how clouds form, why it rains, what causes a rainbow, and so much more.
Read along and wow your child with the meteorological magic that’s happening around them every day.
Go beyond other weather books for kids with:
  • A whirlwind of info―Help toddlers and preschoolers understand how weather works through simple explanations.
  • Sunny illustrations―Colorful and adorable images help kids better understand and engage with what they’re learning.
  • A rain of fun facts―Keep older readers interested with neat info, like the fact that wind can be used to create electricity.
If you’re looking for weather books for kids, this illustrated guide provides your tot with an extraordinary weather adventure! Click on this link to buy the book from Amazon -

March Book Club

March's Book Club pick is I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato (Charlie and Lola) by Lauren Child.

Lola is a fussy eater. A very fussy eater. She won’t eat her carrots (until her brother Charlie reveals that they’re orange twiglets from Jupiter). She won’t eat her mashed potatoes (until Charlie explains that they’re cloud fluff from the pointiest peak of Mount Fuji). There are many things Lola won’t eat, including — and especially —tomatoes. Or will she? Two endearing siblings star in a witty story about the triumph of imagination over proclivity.
Click this link to buy the book on Amazon:

February Book Club


February's Book Club is Hands Are Not for Hitting by Martine Agassi Ph.D. (Author), Marieka Heinlen (Illustrator).

It’s never too soon for children to learn that violence is never okay. Hands can do many good things, and everyone is capable of positive, loving actions.

In this bright, inviting, durable board book, simple words and full-color illustrations teach these important concepts in ways even very young children can understand.

Click this link to buy the book on Amazon: Hands Are Not for Hitting (Board Book) (Best Behavior Series)


January Book Club

January's book is My First Biography: Martin Luther King, Jr. by Marion Dane Bauer. Illustrations are by Jamie Smith. 

The MY FIRST BIOGRAPHY series brings the biggest life stories to the smallest readers.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man. His words changed the way people thought, and his actions spurred them on to change the world. With simple, lyrical text and bold, kid-friendly illustrations, this book introduces Dr. King to the youngest readers and inspires them to change the world.

Buy the book from Amazon at My First Biography: Martin Luther King, Jr.