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3 Ways to Reduce Stress In Your Career Progress with Online CDA Classes

Stress affects nearly every person around the world in some capacity. Whether due to problems with work or in daily life, stress is not a unique phenomenon. After all, the American Psychological Association's annual survey found that 65 percent of Americans said work was the main source of their stress. Of these respondents, only 37 percent stated that they were doing an above average or excellent job at handling their stress. When you’re pursuing a new career path, stress tends to increase – you have to balance your entire life, plus make room for classes. By taking self-paced CDA classes online, you can reduce the amount of stress in your life, and add flexibility to your schedule.

When taking online CDA classes, you can manage stress in your life so it does not become overwhelming. Here are four simple ways you can begin regaining control:

1. Keep track of what stresses you out the most
While your busy schedule or tough boss might be the main source of your stress, what else could be triggering you? For a week or so, keep track of when you feel stressed out and what caused that moment to occur. You might be surprised to discover precisely what all the stressors are in your life. Once you record them, do your best to eliminate or reduce them.

2. Create or reestablish firm boundaries
Are you guilty of being a workaholic? Maybe you cannot go an hour or so without checking your work email or studying for a quiz. To reduce stress, you need to create firm work-life boundaries. With CDA classes online, you can establish your own schedule so you don’t have to compromise time to relax and time to work. You’re able to reach a balance.

3. Surround yourself with support
Are you letting your busy work schedule keep you from hanging out with the people you love? While you might have friends or a support system at work, it is also important to connect with people outside of your office. Not only will they provide an outside perspective to the stress you are experiencing at work, but they can allow you get your mind off of projects, assignments, and management.

ProSolutions Training’s self-paced online CDA classes are designed to allow for flexibility in your career progress. If you’re pursuing a career in early childhood education, taking your classes online can help you have a balance of your current employment, home life, and making progress in earning your CDA. While earning your CDA might be a challenge, it should not cause so much stress you can’t enjoy life or manage a career outside of taking classes.

If you’re looking for a program that understands the necessity of work-life balance and stays up to date on the best practices for early childhood education, consider ProSolutions Training. Our online CDA classes will prepare you for the classroom, while our CDA renewal courses will give you a competitive edge in the market.

Check out our online course "Just Breathe: Dealing with Stress" for more advice on how to cope with stress.

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