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Because of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic we’re all facing many uncertainties. We feel it’s important to share with you as much information as possible. So you're prepared to inspire potential and action in the families and communities you serve.

In addition to this information, we’re providing you with helpful resources and tools to guide you in your interactions with children. We hope what we’re providing will help you adjust to new routines and help you handle sensitive topics and issues.

Like you, supporting children is our primary focus. Because now, more than ever, we must work together. Together we can provide the best care possible to support our future.

NEW COURSE: COVID-19 Guidelines for Early Care and Education Programs

COVID-19 Guidelines for Early Care and Education
This one-hour course provides an overview of how to protect children and yourself against infectious diseases and in particular, COVID-19. The content includes information on common childhood illnesses with a concentration on COVID-19. We look at how to prevent the spread through best practices in hygiene and cleaning guidelines, proper handling, operating procedures, and disposal of hazardous materials and bio-contaminants. Note: This course is not approved for state credit in Maryland or Pennsylvania. Ohio considered “non-OA” not approved for annual training hours and “Step Up to Quality” training, only for licensing credit and CEUs. This one-hour course is not available in Minnesota or Montana as they only accept two-hour trainings.
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Free Mini-Course: Staying Connected in Crisis: Using Technology to Communicate with Families

Staying Connectected
Technology has many useful tools for communicating, especially for classroom teachers and families. When schools and programs close, these tools can be very helpful in maintaining a connection between home and school until face to face contact is reestablished.

This course will share some ways teachers can connect with the families they serve using various forms of technology. This course is not approved for CEUs or annual training hours and is meant to serve as a resource for education programs.

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Free Learning Resources for Kids

Learning Resources
We’ve compiled a collection of online sites from across the web. If your kids love a certain subject or need help with another, there are resources that can help them thrive while also having fun.

A lot of families lack access to technology or struggle with too much screen time, so we’ve also included several activities that your child can work on without technology. All you need are common supplies found around your home.

We’re always updating this list, so please send us your favorite resources to add.

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1-Hour CEU Course: Tender Topics: Handling Trauma and Sensitive Issues with Young Children and Youth

Tender Topics
According to the American Psychological Association, more than two-thirds of children report experiencing a traumatic event by age 16.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is causing many children to experience increased levels of stress. This course helps you in identifying stress-related behaviors in young children; outlining ways to talk with them about those events; and letting you communicate in a way that supports and facilitates their ability to cope.

Here are some resources we’ve pulled together for you:
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Here are some other courses that focus on helping to curb the spread of viruses and other diseases. We’ve added new information where relevant that correlates to circumstances around COVID-19.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Preventing the spread of contagious disease is possible and always important, especially in the child care setting. This course teaches about various diseases that can be spread through contact with blood and how to deal with accidental exposures. This course also discusses airborne pathogens. Learn about Universal Precautions, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), that can prevent the spread of infection. Information regarding the OSHA Exposure Control Plan is discussed and a sample Exposure Control Plan is included in the Resources Section of this course.


Handwashing: Clean Hands = Better Health!

Keeping hands clean is not just an old lesson from childhood. Research by health organizations around the world has shown that proper handwashing can stop germs from making us sick. In programs where children learn early life lessons, teachers have the opportunity to encourage handwashing as a lifelong habit.

This one-hour class helps understand the 'why' and 'how' of keeping hands clean to prevent disease - and keeping the children in your care healthy. Now enhanced with video examples!


Infectious Disease Control: Kick Those Germs to the Curb!

Understanding how to keep children healthy is an essential part of providing high-quality learning environments for young children. This one-hour course provides an overview of how to protect children (and yourself) against infectious diseases. This course includes information on common childhood illnesses and how you can prevent the spread of disease through best practices in cleanliness, basic hygiene, immunizations, and proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials and bio-contaminants.


Build a Safer Classroom (video)

Safe Classrooms
When you're an educator, your primary job is to share information with young minds in a safe environment. To make your classroom as safe as possible, you might start by covering electrical outlets and removing any choking hazards. In addition to removing obvious hazards, also make sure your classroom is clean. It’s important to make sure everyone washes their hands often, especially after changing diapers and before eating. Watch these tips about how to keep your classroom safe.

Leading Through Tough Times

Most people will experience challenging times at some point in their life or career. It's important to remember that everyone goes through these tough times. Many successful people have experienced setbacks during their journey to the top. While common, it can be difficult to experience challenging times. To make the process easier, here are six ways you can guide your team (and yourself) even when times are tough.

8 Brilliant Ways to De-stress Immediately

Stress Less
Are you experiencing a lot of stress in your life right now? If so, you might want to consider taking serious steps to de-stress. While there are a number of ways to do so, click to read eight brilliant, easy, and fun ways you can start ridding yourself of stress immediately.