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Build a Safer Classroom by Earning Your Child Development Associate Online

Here are two more ways to keep your classroom safe.

When you're an educator, your primary job is to share information with young minds in a safe environment. To make your classroom as safe as possible, you might start by covering electrical outlets and removing any choking hazards. In addition to removing obvious choking hazards, also take note of toys with small parts in your classroom, always making sure the toys available are age appropriate. And finally always supervise children as they play and learn.

While working on your child development associate online, you will take classes that show you how to create a safe environment for your students. In particular, check out the following courses from ProSolutions Training.


Essentials of Indoor Safety

To help ensure you create the safest classroom possible, take this two-hour long course while working on your child development associate online. It covers indoor safety basics, like covering electrical outlets and obvious choking hazards, but this course can also help you identify risks you may not have even noticed before.

Take Course - Essential of Indoor Safety


Essentials of Outdoor Safety

Learning shouldn't be restricted to the classroom. Students need a chance to play outside. While outdoors, children can learn about nature, develop gross motor skills, and explore a variety of other elements, such as outdoor art and sensory experiences. In this course offered to people who are earning or renewing their child development associate online, you get to learn all the essentials of outdoor safety.

Take Course - Essentials of Outdoor Safety


The Basics of Appropriate Learning Environments

Safety is critical, but there are also other elements to consider when setting up a classroom for young children. This hour-long course will help you learn what to consider in addition to classroom safety elements as part of earning your child development associate online. Remember, the environment is considered the third teacher and can greatly add to the learning experience for young children. If the environment feels uncomfortable or unsafe, children may not thrive to their full learning potential.

Take Course - The Basics of Appropriate Learning Environments


Emergency Preparedness: Better Safe Than Sorry

Creating a safe environment also includes being prepared in case an emergency happens. When you take this hour-long course while working on your child development associate online, you will learn best practices that will help you prepare for the most common emergencies involving young children.

Take Course - Emergency Preparedness


Additional Safety Courses to Take When Earning Your Child Development Associate Online

As an educator, you will sometimes work with children at a variety of different ages and developmental stages, including infants. To ensure you are prepared to protect infants, you should take the hour-long course “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) -- Reducing the Risk.”

As students get older, some of the biggest risks come from food or viruses carried on their hands. To help you handle these situations appropriately, the online child development associate courses include the titles “Infectious Disease Control: Kick Germs to the Curb”, “Handwashing: Clean Hands = Better Health”, and “Keeping It Safe: Preventing Food-bourne Illness in Child Care Settings.”

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