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Social and Emotional Development in Toddlers
language English

Course Learning Objectives

In this course, we will examine milestones of toddler social and emotional development and how particular stages of development influence toddler behavior. After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • List three social and emotional developmental behaviors that typically appear in toddlers as they develop a sense of self
  • Identify how the development of autonomy influences a toddler's emerging behavior, including separation anxiety and early emotions
  • Understand how social and emotional development in toddlers is influenced by several factors, including culture, egocentrism and language
  • List three approaches to activities to foster toddler social development, and to foster toddler emotional development
  • Identify other issues that affect toddler social and emotional development


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Does this scenario sound familiar? Two-year-old Isabel usually has a pleasant temperament but suddenly begins to say "no" to almost everything. She screams "no" at nap time, snack time, or even when it is time to go out and play. At one point the teacher offers a graham cracker. "NO!" she shouts, as she simultaneously reaches for the cracker and places it in her mouth.

You probably answered "yes" if you have experience working with toddlers! This is one of the behaviors often seen with toddlers that has led some people to label the toddler stage of development as the "terrible twos."

Toddlerhood is actually a period of amazing discovery. Once you realize the complex development that takes place, you will agree the toddler stage really should be labeled the "terrific twos." In this course, we will discuss typical toddler milestones in social and emotional development and activity ideas caregivers can use to promote development in this domain.

This course will be divided into two parts:
  • Part 1 - Social and Emotional Development Milestones
  • Part 2 - Social and Emotional Development Activities

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