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Cognitive Development in Preschoolers
language English

Course Learning Objectives

After participating in this course, you will be able to:
  • Define cognitive development and describe the influence of brain development on the cognitive system
  • Identify the two major advancements in cognitive development theory
  • List three ways preschoolers process information in traditional subject areas
  • List at least two activities in each of six curriculum areas to promote cognitive development in preschoolers
  • Identify activities that are not appropriate for promoting cognitive development in preschoolers


schedule 2 Hours
star_outline 0.20 CEUs
computer 1 year unlimited access
verified_user Certificate of completion
face Early childhood training approval


How children learn has been the subject of many books, theories, and methods of teaching for more than a hundred years. Early methods of teaching have been modified to recognize knowledge gained from brain development research and psychologists. For early education professionals, it is very important to learn how children develop and learn in all domains: physical, social and emotional, and cognitive.

Cognitive development includes physical changes in the brain as well as changes in the way children think and learn. This course will cover cognitive development milestones of preschoolers, ages three to five. You'll also learn about some specific links between cognitive development and different subject areas in the classroom and activities you can do to promote cognitive development.

This course will be divided into two parts:
  • Part 1 - Cognitive Development Milestones
  • Part 2 - Cognitive Development Activities

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