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Get Parents Engaged with CDA Online Training: Part 1

Here are a couple ways to get your students' parents involved in the classroom if they have a few available hours in their busy schedules.

As a professional educator, you know how important it is that parents be active participants in their child’s education. That can be a challenge for a variety of reasons, but our CDA online courses can help give you the skills to achieve greater parental involvement more effectively. Our online system offers a way for you to work these courses into your busy schedule, allowing you to keep your CDA certification up-to-date while simultaneously growing your own skills as an educator.


Unique Situations

The reasons parents may not be actively engaged in the education system are many and varied. Some may think it’s not their place, while others may have irregular work hours or other obligations that make this type of involvement difficult. Some parents are simply intimidated. Regardless of the particular reason, one thing is certain, and that is the more a parent is involved, the more a child will benefit.


A Variety of Tools

One of the most important things to convey to parents to encourage their participation in school activities is that even just a small amount of engagement makes a big difference. Often, parents who don’t have a lot of time to devote to engaging with their child’s class don’t think they can contribute anything significant, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Giving parents a range of opportunities, along with letting them know anything they have to offer is welcome, are excellent ways to help lower the barriers to parental involvement. For instance, you could provide opportunities for parents to come and read their child’s favorite book to the class, or you could schedule special days throughout the year when children can invite a parent to visit the classroom and participate in a fun group activity.

While it’s true that some parents will jump right in and actively ask to be involved, you can’t assume parents who don’t are not interested in being involved. Sometimes all they need is an invitation or a suggestion of how best to go about it. It’s also important to convey to parents that, even if their schedule doesn’t allow them to visit the class in person, they can still be an active part of their child’s education by helping with schoolwork or discussing what the child is learning.


Building Your Skills through CDA Online Courses

Just like the parents you work with, you have a busy schedule to maintain and a diverse set of responsibilities. That’s why the CDA online courses offered by ProSolutions Training are set up to make them accessible and convenient. ProSolutions Training makes it as easy as possible to fit them into a free hour here or there. Our sections on communication and parent involvement are broken into one and two hour blocks, so you can absorb and digest the information and immediately begin applying it in your classroom. Enjoy learning more about engaging parents through the following courses:

  • The Art of Communication Part 2: Communicating with Families
  • Guides for Parent Volunteers
  • Getting Families Engaged!


Using our CDA online system gives you the flexibility to maintain your busy schedule while also receiving top-quality instruction that satisfies all requirements for keeping your CDA certification current. To learn more or to sign up for our CDA online courses, contact us today.