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In Focus with President Carla Rogg

ProSolutions Training provides online learning and professional development for early care and education professionals. We now provide online training in all 50 states



Required Training

Need training for the entire team at your early learning center? Meet annual training requirements with a group subscription for your child care center or franchise. The best part is that all the online training is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can assign online training courses to one individual or to the entire team with just a few clicks. Quickly print reports that show progress and completion rates. 
Want to check out the 100+ online training courses for yourself? Individual subscriptions are also available. If you plan to take more than one course, an individual subscription is definitely worth it.
Our team also works directly with state offices to develop customized coursework that states would like all teachers to take, such as Health & Safety or Nutrition.
Click to see what courses are available in your state.

Built on Research

Every single early care and education online training course is highly researched. Our internal curriculum experts spend a lot of time making sure each online training meets the latest industry standards. The same process is used in topics from handwashing to behavior or classroom management.
We also make sure the research aligns with real-world examples that your team can use in their classrooms the very next day.

Focused on Adult Learners

We know that you are busy, and the last thing you want to do is sit through a boring class. We make our courses interactive and fun. Courses include audio, video, and interactive games. This keeps the courses entertaining, while allowing teachers to learn best practices and new techniques on how to handle situations in and outside of the classroom.
All courses are really built around the needs of the early care and education professional. 

Get Started

Ready to get started? We'd love for you to take a course to see what we are all about. Click below and choose your state to get started.