A subscription, either individual or group, is the most economical answer to professional development. Take online training courses that teach, inspire, and reinforce learning. Professional development training increases the retention of high-quality employees!

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Group Subscription

  • Access to 200+ professional development training hours.
  • Staff training designed to meet your team's needs.
  • Available for groups 5-100+ for one full year. Renewals are available.

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Individual Subscription

  • Access to 200+ professional development training hours.
  • Learn what you want, when you want.
  • Available for individuals for one full year.

What Courses are Included in the Subscription?

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Flexibility and personalization

As a subscriber, gain instant access to the learning opportunities in the subscription package as well as the services and support offered by ProSolutions Training. Subscriptions make it easy to develop individually tailored training plans for ongoing professional development. Unlimited access to the subscription training content allows each subscription member to work at his or her own pace; material can be reviewed multiple times to reinforce knowledge and skills.

Every Annual Training Subscription includes:

  • Self-paced coursework available 24/7
  • Director manages access and can add and remove staff as needed
  • Staff selects from online training courses developed specifically for early childhood education professionals by our curriculum experts
  • Records management and reporting - print Professional Development Certificates instantly (copies available for director)
  • IACET CEU credit at no extra cost
  • Courses approved by many states and other entities learn more
  • Technical assistance and customer support

Focus on popular Early Childhood Education (ECE) topics!

  • Child Growth and Development
  • Classroom Management & Positive Guidance
  • Cognitive Development
  • Communications and Relationships
  • Curriculum
  • Diversity
  • Health and Safety
  • Language and Literacy
  • Leadership and Advocacy
  • Learning Environments
  • Nutrition and Food Service
  • Observation and Assessment
  • Professional Development
  • Program Management / Administration
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Special Needs
  • Working with Families
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Group Subscriptions

The most cost-efficient way to establish a common foundation of knowledge, skills, and best practices for an organization or agency.

Group subscribers have the ability to:
  • Run reports on student progress
  • Print administrator copies of certificates
  • Assign courses to staff 

Individual Subscription

An individual subscription lets individuals learn at their own pace. It's the most cost-effective online training option for a single student.

Note: Courses in subscription vary by state depending on your state's licensing standards.

Learn What You Want, When You Want

For 12 months, you'll have access to more than 200 online training hours. Courses designed for early childhood education professionals. Take courses for one discounted price all year long!

  • Access online training courses created by our curriculum experts
  • Print individual professional development certificates as you complete courses
  • Earn IACET CEUs at no extra cost

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