Most of us would agree pretty much nothing in 2020 went as planned. It’s been an eye-opening year. Together, we’ve learned to adapt and grow quickly. We’ve learned even the best-laid intentions are sometimes impossible to reach. And most of all, we’ve learned to have patience with each other.

This year, many more people’s eyes have been opened to the importance of early childhood educators. Many families with young children already knew the value of child care. And now, the world also sees child care as an essential piece of our economy and future.

In 2019, the Council for Professional Recognition and ProSolutions Training came together. Our discussion was about how to best celebrate 45 years of the CDA credential in 2020.

We had different plans in mind. We imagined a roadshow, like a band traveling from the concert hall to the stadium. Heading out to all the top conferences and celebrating with fun after-parties and champagne toasts. We imagined a masquerade ball and started Google searching costume ideas.

As with most other events and plans in 2020, we had to pivot. There was of course the opportunity to postpone to 2021, but we decided as a team to persevere. And that meant we were taking the show online. As we moved into a virtual format, we didn't know what to expect.

When the CDA 45th Anniversary moved to a virtual celebration... we were able to connect with more than 3,000 members of the early care and education (ECE) community. Isn’t that amazing?

As compared to other virtual conferences, the event had a unique format and schedule. It played out almost like a movie premiere.

First, Dr. Calvin E. Moore, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Council for Professional Recognition kicked off the event. He gave a welcome message and introduced Carla Rogg, President, ProSolutions Training.

ProSolutions Training then premiered some videos you can watch below. These videos celebrate you! They focus on how the ECE community has worked together to professionalize the industry.

Then we heard firsthand how CDA Training and the CDA changes lives.

Next, Dr. Carol Brunson Day shared The History of the Child Development Associate®. She talked about how it became the most widely recognized credential in early childhood education.

Then, Dr. Ed Greene moderated a panel to highlight how the CDA® supports men who choose to teach our youngest children. Dr. Valora Washington discussed the future of the CDA in Early Childhood Education.

Finally, the event ended with Dr. Moore and Carla Rogg giving a toast to 45 years, and then a virtual dance party with a DJ. You can watch a recording of the full event here.

Oh! And one last thing! Craig Melvin of the Today Show and MSNBC gave a special thank you to all early childhood educators. He celebrated how educators are a vital part of our community and its future. You can watch the video here.

Want to learn more about CDA Training?

The Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential TM is the best first step toward career advancement in early childhood education (ECE). A CDA credential opens up numerous opportunities, but it can be difficult for a professional who is already working to find the time to take classes. ProSolutions Training offers the most affordable and comprehensive online courses designed to help you meet the formal education requirements needed to earn and maintain your CDA credential.