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ProSolutions Training Releases Two Director Training Packages

March 18, 2019 – ProSolutions Training has released two new Director Training packages specifically focused on child care center directors, program directors, family child care providers and administrators in early childhood education (ECE). 

Director Training

The two package options include:

Provides directors and administrators an introduction to common administrative responsibilities. The courses include content on basic health and safety, an overview of business practices, conflict resolution, assessment, coaching and mentoring, and an overview of child development milestones.

Provides a more in-depth look at the role of an administrator. The package includes all of the coursework in the 12 hour Director Training: The Basics package with additional courses covering content on basic health and safety in addition to intermediate-level courses covering business practices, communication, family engagement, developmentally appropriate practices, child development, and professionalism.

Each Director Training package builds upon the previous package, so directors and administrators can select the one that best fits their professional development needs and requirements. 

"The Director Training: The Basics package was excellent and fit my professional needs perfectly,” reported a customer in the product evaluation. "It is very challenging to fit classes into my busy work hours, caring for children. This package allowed me to work at my own pace.”

All coursework is available online, so directors and administrators can access classes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The packages can also be useful for obtaining certification, fulfilling state training requirements, or as a professional development growth opportunity. Directors and administrators can check state approval information on the PST website.

New directors and administrators will find these packages a great starting point for understanding the basics of running a child care center, as well as understanding the responsibilities of their role. Seasoned directors can use these packages as a refresher and to learn updated information about their role and responsibilities.

"Our Director Training packages are developed for directors and administrators to learn and review the basics of child care center operations,” said ProSolutions Training President Carla Rogg. "Our goal is to provide early childhood educators with the tools and information they need to succeed. ProSolutions Training also has many other valuable online courses available for training and professional development.”

Both Director Training packages include course learning objectives focused on health and safety, business practices, communication and conflict resolution, family engagement, best practices and tools, child development, and professionalism. 

"As a former program administrator, I find the Director Training is an excellent way for professionals to learn standard business practices for early childhood education and basics on child care center or family child care operations,” said Denise Payton, Senior Associate of Instructional Design at ProSolutions Training. "Training includes details around location selection, budgets and financial management, and familiarization with the day-to-day business of running a child care center.”

For more information and to purchase the Director Training, please visit, email or call 800-939-9694.

About ProSolutions Training 

ProSolutions Training (PST) offers more than 120 individual online professional development training courses, multi-course packages, and certificates in early care and education. PST also offers a 120-hour online CDA training curriculum that meets the formal education requirement for the Child Development Associate® (CDA) Credential™ of the Council for Professional Recognition. Additionally, a 45-hour curricula specifically for CDA renewal is available. In July 2017, PST received the Council’s CDA® Gold Standard Training Certification for the quality of its online coursework, the support services provided for students, and its comprehensive learning management system.



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