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Learning Management System Customization

ProSolutions Training Business Solutions include a learning management system (LMS) that can be customized to meet your needs. Our proprietary web application and database offer far more flexibility than off-the-shelf training products, and we manage our systems in-house, which means you can work directly with our developers and support staff. 

The user experience is seamless and can be presented in various ways to meet your unique needs. From a branded landing page, you can: 

In either case, we can create custom reports to track each user's progress through coursework.  If you have multiple sites or business divisions, we can provide multiple access levels for viewing reports. 

When you partner with ProSolutions Training for a customized LMS, you will receive these exclusive benefits: All LMS data are stored at a fully secure, Tier 1 hosting facility with associated disaster recovery measures.

To learn more about how ProSolutions Training can help you develop a customized LMS, contact us at 770.642.6939 or 1.800.939.9694 or send us an email.