ProSolutions Training in partnership with Children’s Trust Fund Alliance is pleased to offer online training to support the implementation of the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework in multiple settings.
This curriculum includes new materials on partnering with parents and addresses promising strategies to strengthen families. The online training is for anyone who works with children and families, including parents, practitioners, and supervisors.

This program is all about helping children thrive. Thrive through a partnership between families and caregivers. And making sure everyone is on the same page. For the sake of the children.

And for the first time courses in this program are now available completely online.

What is the Protective Factors Framework?
Protective factors are characteristics or strengths of individuals, families, communities or societies that act to mitigate risks and promote positive well-being and healthy development.

Most often, we see them as attributes that help families to successfully navigate difficult situations. A protective factors framework is an organized set of strengths-based ideas that are used to guide programs, services, supports and interventions aimed at preventing child maltreatment and promoting healthy outcomes.

Strengthening Families™ is a research-informed approach to increase family strengths, enhance child development and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.

Protective Factors
Protective Factors
It is based on engaging families, programs and communities in building five key protective factors:
  1. Parental resilience: Managing stress and functioning well when faced with challenges, adversity and trauma
  2. Social connections: Positive relationships that provide emotional, informational, instrumental and spiritual support
  3. Knowledge of parenting and child development: Understanding child development and parenting strategies that support physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional development
  4. Concrete support in times of need: Access to concrete support and services that address a family’s needs and help minimize stress caused by challenges
  5. Social and emotional competence of children: Family and child interactions that help children develop the ability to communicate clearly, recognize and regulate their emotions and establish and maintain relationships
When you learn about and apply these protective factors you will...
Join a Learning Network of Thousands
The training gives those who work with children the tools they need to promote protective factors in families. The curriculum is substantial enough to supply us with great tools to bring to training participants, but flexible enough to adapt to specific learning needs. We are getting great responses from trainees, too, so we know we are filling a need!

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13 Hours of Training Now Available
For the first time, ProSolutions Training has put courses on the Protective Factors online. Offering you courses on a wider variety of subjects. Including everything from Parental Resilience to Social Connections. You will get the knowledge and training you need to utilize the framework in whatever environment you need it.

Here are the modules included in the package. Click to learn more details and purchase individually.
Buy All Seven Courses and Save
Buy all seven courses (13 hours) for $75. By purchasing the bundle, you will save $25. This option will give 1.3 CEUs and training approval in most states.

Get started with seven courses Strengthening Families Protective Factors bundle.
What do I get with these courses?
Every course you take in the Strengthening Families bundle comes with a professional certificate after completion. And depending on what option you choose when purchasing, you can get Continuing Education Units and State credit for every course.