New Tender Topics Online Course Launch for Early Childhood Educators

Tender Topics Online Training Course

March 22, 2018 - ProSolutions Training (PST) has launched a new online training course for early childhood educators, including child care and preschool directors, administrators, and teachers. This online course helps train caregivers on the best ways to talk to children about tender topics such as trauma and other sensitive subjects.

According to the American Psychological Association, more than two-thirds of children report experiencing a traumatic event by age 16. From traumatic events, such as child abuse and neglect or witnessing disturbing world events on the news, to sensitive topics, such as children’s questions about skin color or disabilities, young children and youth process these stressful events in many ways.

This interactive online course will help teachers identify stress-related behaviors in young children, as well as ways to talk with them about those events in a way that supports and facilitates their ability to cope.

After completing the course, educators will be able to better define trauma, types of trauma and/or tender topics, and list possible symptoms of reactions to trauma in children and youth. The course also teaches helpful strategies that can be used when discussing sensitive or traumatic topics with young children and youth.

Teachers can also identify new ways to provide ongoing assistance to children and youth in the classroom who have experienced traumatic events or are working through sensitive subjects.

"This is an important course for caregivers to learn how to effectively handle difficult situations,” said ProSolutions Training President Carla Rogg. "Our goal is to provide early childhood educators with the tools and information they need to succeed. This course is only one of many valuable online courses PST has available for training and professional development.”

The course lasts one hour and accounts for 0.10 CEU credits. Early childhood educators, caregivers, social workers, or others interested in the topic can purchase the course individually or register for an individual annual subscription for access to more than 100 courses available in both English and Spanish at a discounted rate. This course may also provide credit toward your state's annual training requirement. Check your state's course menu for approval information.

Click to purchase the new Tender Topics course, or visit or call 800-939-9694 to learn about ProSolutions Training.

About ProSolutions Training

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