Program Description

ProSolutions Training is excited to work with teachers and directors in Louisiana on helping teachers attain the Louisiana Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate through our Blended Ancillary CDA Certificate Program (BACCP). The purpose of this program is to further develop the knowledge, skills and practices of individuals providing early childhood education in Louisiana so they can better promote the healthy growth, development and well-being of children in their care. The vision is that Louisiana early childhood care and education providers are effective in preparing young children for kindergarten and providing them with a strong foundation for lifelong learning and have the practice experiences and mastery of skills necessary to be successful.

This program aims to serve local early childhood community networks and improve kindergarten readiness results by providing a blend of online and onsite assessment, education and practice applications for early childhood teachers. This includes:

Candidates are expected to complete the program and the Child Development Associate credential application process in order to qualify for the Louisiana Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate.