What's New in Your Subscription

For Existing Subscription Users (November 2022)

More Courses, Better Access! Watch this video to find out What's New in the Subscription for existing users. 

If you are a member of a ProSolutions Training Subscription, watch this video! Let's see what's new!

My Courses

Let's start with the "My Courses" tab. These are the courses that you already have added. Don't worry! Everything in this part of your account will stay the same. Any courses in progress will remain the same in "My Courses". Your expired training and packages and bundles will also remain.

Course Catalog
The biggest change is in the "Course Catalog" tab. Before there was a "Subscription" and a "Course Catalog" tab. If you were in a subscription, you went to this "Subscription" tab to access included courses. Now, everything is combined in the "Course Catalog". If you are in a Subscription, then everything here that's included will be $0. It will also say "included in Subscription" on the course card.
Course Card

Any of those "included" courses are ready to be added. Simply click the "Add to my Courses" button. And then when you go back to "My Courses", your courses are added and ready to go.

Also, you do have the ability in the Course Catalog to search. So you can type in a keyword here or you can look by different skill levels and or alphabetically. You can change from English to Spanish to see what courses are available in each language.
My Courses

There are also two ways to view your courses.

Also, if you click view details, you can learn a little bit more about the course or package before you add it.

Otherwise, if you have CDA Training in your account, it will remain the same and you'll still have your transcript. 

We're excited to offer you access to so many more courses and we encourage you to sign in and get started today.

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For Existing Subscription Users (November 2022)

This video is for directors and administrators of a Group Subscription.  We are going to show you What's New in your administrator account.

Let's sign in to get started.

Everything in "My Courses" will remain the same. If you have any courses in your account, they'll all show here in "My Courses". The progress buttons (print certificate, resume, get started) will remain the same.

Your course catalog now will include even more courses. Everything that was previously on the "Course Catalog" and in the "Subscription" tab is now all combined.

Your Subscription members (users) will have more access to more courses. You can help them to understand that most courses in the Course Catalog will be available to them in their Subscription. Look for the $0 and the "Add to My Courses" button. The course cards will also say "included in Subscription".

At the very bottom of the Course Catalog, "Other Training Available for Purchase" will show.  This is where there are other courses not included in the Subscription. This includes CDA Renewal and CDA Training. We are offering a heavy Subscription Feature discount of only $89 for the 45-hour CDA Renewal and $199 for the CDA Training.

Admin Sign In

Let's go ahead and sign into your Admin Tool. You'll see this button has moved from where it was before, but it is right at the top of your page.

Admin Feature

There are not a lot of changes besides the movement of the button to sign in. Everything else here will still look the same for now.  The biggest changes are when you're assigning the courses. You will have access to all those courses in the Subscription. You'll also see an alert when you have a course!

You will now have the ability to assign even more courses to your team. Assign courses either one at a time or to everyone in your Subscription. We're offering even more access to courses, and we are excited for you to sign in and get started.

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