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CDA COURSE A 120-hour curriculum from ProSolutions Training providing the coursework required for a Child Development Associate credential application.

Read more about the CDA Renewal Course.
Lea más sobre el CDA y los cursos de Renovación del CDA.
Purchase 3 or more CDA Courses at the same time and get them for $299 each!

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Training Manager
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Welcome! We are glad you are considering the ProSolutions Training CDA Course. Embarking on the CDA is a bit like embarking on a personal cruise - with stops in many different "ports" as you see and learn new things! Plus, with online training, it's fun and fits your schedule, 24/7. You also get ProSolutions Training "extras" and our support along your journey! We're on board with you all the way through your CDA Course -- and just an email or call away if you need assistance or have questions.

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Here is all the info you need about the ProSolutions Training CDA COURSE! Click on the link below or scroll down to read all of the sections.
Online Training - How does it work?

Online training is great for busy professionals. Courses are available 24/7, so there is no hassle with specific class times that don't fit your schedule. Plus, there are no parking or transportation worries. You save gas, time and money.

Online class time is: when you are ready! You can work around your family's schedule and other obligations. ProSolutions Training also lets you start and stop whenever you need to if you can't finish a course all in one sitting.

Plus, if you have questions, you can email them and get an answer the same day (or the following day if you email at night!), so you don't have to wait for a specific "class time" to ask a question or seek help.

Enrollment is quick and easy, with no long forms to fill out. You go to class, study and take tests at your convenience. All in all, online training is perfect for early care and education professionals!


Your ProSolutions Training Account and CDA Course

To get started on your CDA Course with ProSolutions Training, you establish a free training account (or use your existing account if you have taken any of our courses previously). Then, you purchase the 120-hour CDA Course as a package - for only $399! - a tremendous value. Here's what happens next:
  • First, you complete the introductory one-hour CDA overview course, Your Journey to the CDA Credential: Let's Get Started!.

  • Then, you can take courses in any order you choose among the 106 courses in 8 CDA Subject Areas. You move along in each course at your own pace and can stop and start if you need to at any time. There is a HELP button on each page where you can get basic information, and our telephone number and email address. (If you have previously taken and passed any of the individual courses through ProSolutions Training, they will automatically roll over into your CDA Course account and appear as completed.)

  • As you complete each course, you may print out a Professional Development Certificate for it, if needed. (For Georgia residents, the courses are approved by Bright from the Start for the number of training hours indicated.)

  • When you complete all the courses in a particular Subject Area, you will receive a Subject Area Review Course in your training account; this is a special feature of the ProSolutions Training CDA Course. The Review Course covers the main points of the courses by topic and discusses how the course material links with the CDA Competency Goals and the CDA Resource Collection (which will be part of your Resource File/application for the CDA credential).

  • We'll touch base with you by email each time you finish a Review Course to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Finally, when you have completed all Review Courses, you get another great benefit - a required course called Creating a Dynamite Professional Resource File! This course helps you walk through the steps of creating your Professional Resource File, part of the CDA Assessment process.

  • When you are finished, you can print your ProSolutions Training CDA Course 120-hour Professional Development Certificate and a Transcript at no additional charge. You will be ready for the next step in the application process for your CDA!

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ProSolutions Training CDA Curriculum - What's included?

The ProSolutions Training CDA Course has courses representing 120 clock-hours of curriculum in the eight CDA Subject Areas:

CDA Subject Area 1Planning a safe, healthy learning environment

+ Review Class (19 courses/22.5 hours)

CDA Subject Area 2Steps to advance children's physical and intellectual development

+ Review Class (17 courses/18.5 hours)

CDA Subject Area 3Positive ways to support children's social and emotional development

+ Review Class (12 courses/13 hours)

CDA Subject Area 4Strategies to establish productive relationships with families

+ Review Class (9 courses/11 hours)

CDA Subject Area 5Strategies to manage an effective program operation

+ Review Class (10 courses/11 hours)

CDA Subject Area 6Maintaining a commitment to professionalism

+ Review Class (13 courses/15 hours)

CDA Subject Area 7Observing and recording children's behavior

+ Review Class (13 courses/15 hours)

CDA Subject Area 8Principles of child development and learning

+ Review Class (13 courses/14 hours)

Click to see a chart of all courses in the ProSolutions Training CDA Curriculum by Subject Area.

Plus, as an exclusive benefit with the ProSolutions Training CDA Course, you get an introductory (required) course: Your Journey to the CDA Credential: Let's Get Started!, as well as eight Review Courses and an ending (required) course: Creating a Dynamite Professional Resource File!. In addition, we offer unlimited email and telephone customer service.

Our staff is available for telephone or email consultation as you progress through the course material. We'll check in with you after each Review Class, too!

At the end, you can print your 120-hour CDA Course Professional Development Certificate and a Transcript. You receive IACET CEUs at no additional cost.

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Free Resources - Available with each course

"Free" is a good word, especially when it comes to teacher resources! Teachers can always use new ideas, classroom resources and samples of what works for others in their daily practice. Every ProSolutions Training course has free resources with excellent information and classroom hints, as well as links to helpful websites and book lists.

Here are just a few examples of the kind of resource downloads we make available free with each course. Click on any of the items here to see a sample resource download: Resources like these are included as downloads and/or in the Resources Section at the end of the course.

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Special Supports - Extras from ProSolutions Training

Only ProSolutions Training includes Subject Area Review Courses as part of its CDA Course. These review courses give you an opportunity to go over key points from the courses in each of the eight CDA Subject Areas. In addition, the Review Courses provide reflections on the CDA Competency Goals and Resource Collection requirements.

You also get Your Journey to the CDA Credential: Let's Get Started!, an introduction to the CDA credential that covers the requirements for training and the assessment process as set out by the Council for Professional Recognition. This free course is a condensed version of our Introduction to CDA Courses and was developed specifically for our CDA Course students.

You also receive the course Creating a Dynamite Professional Resource File! when you have completed subject matter training. This course walks you through the steps of preparing your Resource Collection and cataloging the other important items in the Resource File.

You also have unlimited access to ProSolutions Training customer service via both email and telephone! We are here to support you through the CDA Course process.

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Package Pricing from ProSolutions Training - Saves you money!

There's no doubt that the ProSolutions Training CDA Course is a tremendous value. By packaging all 120 clock hours together, we are able to offer you the complete curriculum of 106 classes for only $399 - a huge savings of more than $800 over buying the courses individually! We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express for payment; the full amount is due before courses are credited to your account. You have one full year to complete your courses in the ProSolutions Training CDA Course.

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Transcript and CEU Certificate - Your permanent class records & IACET CEUs

Upon completion of your CDA Course with ProSolutions Training, you will be able to print your CDA Course 120-hour Professional Development Certificate. In addition, you may also request and print, at no extra charge, a Transcript of your CDA courses and any/all courses you have taken with ProSolutions Training. At no extra cost, you will receive CEUs for all ProSolutions Training courses; the CDA Course is 120 hours, which is the equivalent of 12.0 CEUs.

ProSolutions Training is an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), McLean, VA.

Only IACET Authorized Providers, who undergo a rigorous application and site-review process, can award the IACET CEU. Authorized Providers are required to re-apply and be reauthorized every five years. IACET is the only standard-setting organization approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for continuing education and training. The ANSI/IACET 1-2007 Standard is the core of thousands of educational programs worldwide.


Important things to know about earning your CDA credential
  • First, make certain that you meet the eligibility requirements to go through the CDA Direct Assessment process. To earn a CDA, you must:
    • Be at least 18 years of age or older
    • Have a high school diploma or GED
    • Have 480 clock hours of experience working with young children within the past five years
      • If you are working full-time (40 hours) in a child care center or a family day care home, 480 clock-hours equals three months of experience
      • You can also gain your experience by volunteering in a child care setting
    • Complete 120 clock hours of formal education or training within the past five years
    • Complete the CDA Assessment with the Council for Professional Recognition

  • If you haven't already, we encourage you to contact the Council for Professional Recognition (1-800-424-4310/ now and purchase an Application Packet specific to the setting for which you plan to apply (Preschool, Infant/Toddler, or Family Child Care).

  • The 120-hour ProSolutions Training CDA Course may be used to meet the formal child care education eligibility requirement for the CDA credential. The certificate received for the ProSolutions Training CDA Course is not the CDA credential.

  • In addition to the 120 hours of coursework, there are other requirements that must be met before a candidate can apply for the CDA assessment. These items are explained in the course Your Journey to the CDA Credential: Let's Get Started!, which you receive as part of the ProSolutions Training CDA Course. Full details are in the Application Packet available from the Council for Professional Recognition. For a more detailed review of the items required for the CDA, we encourage you to take these other ProSolutions Training courses:
    • Introduction to CDA I: Overview and Training
    • Introduction to CDA II: The Assessment Process

  • The Council for Professional Recognition charges an Assessment Fee which is paid directly to the Council when you apply for the Assessment. Depending on programs in your state, scholarships may be available to assist with this fee.

  • CDA candidates are required to seek assistance from a qualified CDA Advisor to help them through the process. The Advisor conducts the CDA Assessment Observation Instrument, collects Parent Opinion Questionnaires and assists with preparation of your Professional Resource File. You can get more information on CDA advisors from the Council's website ( or your local or state resource and referral agency. There may be a fee involved.
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What is the CDA Renewal Course curriculum?

The ProSolutions Training CDA Renewal Course is a 45-hour curriculum providing the coursework required to complete the formal education requirement for renewing a Child Development Associate (CDA) credentialing program.

At successful course completion, students may print a 45-hour Professional Development Certificate and a Transcript at no extra charge. They also receive IACET CEUs (Continuing Education Units) at no additional cost.

Courses help review essentials and introduce more advanced topics, including ECE subject areas, literacy, and behavior. The CDA Renewal Course covers these subject areas:

CDA Renewal Course: Subject AreaClock Hours
Administration, Leadership and Professional Development6
Classroom Best Practices12
Curriculum and Lesson Planning8
Growth and Development6
Health and Safety6
Working with Children and Families7

Click for a complete list of courses in the ProSolutions Training CDA Renewal Course.

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If your question is not answered here, please call ProSolutions Training at 770-642-6939 or 1-800-939-9694.


ProSolutions Training is a private company and is not affiliated with the Council for Professional Recognition.


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