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The new SC 15-hour Health & Safety Pre-Service Certificate and 12-hour Continuing Education bundle of courses, available upon completion of the Health and Safety Certificate are free. SC’s free 15–hour Health and Safety Pre-Service Certificate is required for ABC Quality/SC Voucher administrators and teachers.

SC 15-Hour Health and Safety Pre-Service Certificate for Early Care and Education Professionals

This online course assists teachers, child care professionals and providers in protecting the health and safety of children in child care settings while enhancing the overall quality of early learning and afterschool programs. The content areas covered in this course are: Prevention and control of infectious diseases; SIDS and the use of safe sleep practices; Administration of medication; Prevention of and response to food allergies; Building and physical premises safety; Prevention of shaken baby syndrome & abusive head trauma; Emergency preparedness & response planning; Storage of hazardous materials & bio-contaminants; Precautions in transporting children; and Nutrition and physical activity. For a list of courses included in the Health and Safety Pre-Service Certificate for Early Care and Education Professionals, click here.

Program Administration

SC licensing regulations require directors to have at least twenty clock hours of training annually. At least five clock hours must be related to program administration and at least five clock hours must be related to child growth and development, early childhood education and/or health and safety excluding first aid and CPR training.

Directors enrolled in the SC Pre-Service Health and Safety Course will receive training hours in all areas required EXCEPT Program Administration. Directors can access courses that meet the Program Administration requirement for a small fee here. These courses are not the only classes that will meet this requirement and are offered on this site as one option to meet this requirement.

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South Carolina Inclusion Collaborative (SCIC)

Welcome to the SC Child Care Inclusion Collaborative home for online learning. We are pleased to offer online training modules for child care providers. Providers working in programs in South Carolina will receive child care training credit for successful completion of the courses offered. To learn more about the other resources and services available through the SC Child Care Inclusion Collaborative, click here.

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ABC Quality Orientation

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  • Understanding the Basics of ABC Quality: Setting Your Program up for Success (1 hour)
  • An Introduction to the South Carolina Early Learning Standards (SCELS) (1 hour)

Bloodborne Pathogens

Preventing the spread of contagious disease is possible and always important, especially in the child care setting. This free course will teach you about various diseases that can be spread through contact with blood and how to deal with accidental exposures. Information regarding the OSHA Exposure Control Plan is discussed and a sample Exposure Control Plan is included in the Resources Section of this course. Sign in or create an account to access this course.

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